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I am Martin Wood from the USA, author, and admin of woodmetro.com. Being passionate about woodworking, I have started this blog to share my knowledge of woodworking and DIY.

Along with me, I have a research team with a lot of experience in all the woodworking stuff you need. We get our hands dirty to collect thousand of woodworking information available around the world.

Often my mailbox popped up with a lot of questions; there is a recurrent one: “Which power tool would you advise me to achieve precise cuts? People feel puzzled to choose the perfect woodworking equipment like a Table saw, Wood router, etc.

The main motive of woodmetro.com is to help carpenters worldwide get all essential information and resources over woodworking. Besides, all the information we collect from authentic sources will help make the right buying decision.

We get the opinion from the verified buyers and read reviews from authentic woodworking sites. We have consolidated all of our research and buyer experiences then reviewed the best product considering your demand and requirements.

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