Top 5 Best Hybrid Table Saw (2023)

Best Hybrid Table Saw

When deciding upon a hybrid table saw, it can be tough to determine which one will be the best for your needs.  

We have taken the guesswork out by providing you with a review of the best hybrid table saw, complete with pros and cons.

Also included is our comprehensive buying guide, along with frequently asked questions about this variation of the saw. 

Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviews

1. Shop Fox W1820

This 3 HP hybrid saw has a ⅝ inch arbor with a speed of 4300 RPM. It provides 12.8 amps and has heavy cast iron trunnions with a triple belt drive. 

There is a 4-inch dust collection port, a T-slot miter gauge, and smooth gliding nylon runners. 

Weighing 579 pounds, this unit has a powder-coated finish. This saw contains a table extension, one fence, rails, and steel support legs, as well as one 10 inches carbide-tipped blade.


  • The unit comes with a 2-year warranty. 
  • Shop Fox provides a stable and sturdy hybrid saw. 
  • It comes with accessory hooks. 
  • The magnetic switch has thermal overload protection. 
  • It offers an extra-wide rip cutting capacity at 49 inches. 
  • It is certified to CSA and UL standards.
  • The saw comes with a 2-year warranty for limited parts with no labor. 


  • Dust extraction is not the best. 

2. Powermatic PM1000

With a 30 inch fence, the Powermatic PM1000 only needs 115V. With a hands-free power switch, this saw has dust collection maximized by the blade surrounding and collection hose. 

Components included in the purchase are the 10″ blade, Dado insert, 1.75 HP 1PH 115V, and a 30″ Accu-Fence System with Riving Knife.

When considering the price, this hybrid is mid-road. Some versions are cheaper, but others can skyrocket quite a bit. PM1000 is said to be a great table saw for beginners. It comes with a 5-year warranty and uses a small amount of power only. 


  • This hybrid table saw is very easy to use. 
  • For more excellent hold, it is easy to extend. 
  • Highly durable construction will make the saw last.
  • The miter gauge on the Powermatic is very sturdy and adjustable. 
  • The motor on this hybrid is potent. 
  • All parts of this hybrid are incredibly durable. 
  • The saw comes with a cast iron table for more workspace. 


  • This hybrid saw is not fully assembled when purchased.
  • The blade guard’s mounting bolts are in contact with the blade.

 3. JET 708675

Featuring a push button arbor lock, this saw can have blades changed out quickly. The hybrid has a built-in storage drawer and a quick-release riving knife. 

The saw has a deep table constructed from cast iron. The rip fence measures 50 inches, and the saw has a built-in 4-inch dust collection port. This 3 HP hybrid comes with the fence, blade, miter gauge, rails, riving knife, and blade guard.

Precise height adjustments are easily made with the cast iron handwheels that measure 8 inches in diameter.


  • JET708675 is a very high-quality hybrid table saw. 
  • The dust collection system is impressive. 
  • The modular blade guard is a perfect additional safety feature that both beginners and pros appreciate. 
  • This unit comes with a 5-year warranty. 
  • Cast iron is used for the base of the saw, making it very durable and stable. 
  • Precise cutting can be viewed with JET 708675. 


  • This hybrid gets a thumbs down for being difficult to set up. 


Weighing 240 pounds, the Laguna tools fusion has a 1.75 HP with a 36-inch cutting capacity. This hybrid saw is priced well, making you get the most bang for your buck. 

Laguna set the bar high on this one and succeeded. Butter smooth movement paired up with a redesigned trunnion made this left blade tilt saw a perfect fit for many woodworkers.   


  • The saw is lightweight and very ergonomic. 
  • This hybrid features a quick-release riving knife. 
  • Laguna is very easy to set up and super easy to maintain. 
  • It includes a built-in mobility kit. 
  • This saw is a more affordable option than other hybrids on the market. 
  • The saw is very solid and moves like butter. 


  • This table saw is prone to overheating. 
  • The dust collection port may be an issue. 

5. RIDGID R4512 

Rounding out our list of the best hybrid table saws is the Ridgid R4512. It comes with a noise-free motor, built-in accessory spots, a 13 amp motor with 3,450 RPM, and a 10-inch Jobsite space.  

This hybrid is belt driven and weighs 267 pounds. It is compact and very versatile. The saw features an on/off button, a single-action foot pedal, an anti-kickback system, a transparent blade guard, and a large over-mold handle. 


  • This hybrid saw is very easy to handle. 
  • Well designed model works great in any home shop. 
  • It is portable but is still heavy-duty simultaneously.
  • The R4512 is very affordable. 
  • Vibrations are minimized from the cast iron table. 
  • The rip fence is constructed from aluminum and has extra-large guides. 
  • The cast iron table is smooth and flat. 


  • The R4512 is prone to overheating. 
  • This saw requires a lot of maintenance. 

Hybrid Table Saw Buying Guide

In our hybrid table saw buying guide, you can be certain to find the best table saw that your shop needs. By considering all these points, you will provide yourself with a wealth of knowledge to assist you in making the right decision. 

Things to Consider Before Making a Purchase

As hybrid saws are very expensive, it is best to consider many factors before taking the plunge. 


It is essential to have a budget and stick with it when purchasing anything. You will want to understand that hybrid saws range from as inexpensive as $200 to upwards of $20,000.  


Consider how well the hybrid cuts. Are cuts accurate and smooth? Does the blade cut through various materials with no issue? Can it make all the cuts you need it to (bevel, rip, and cross-cuts)?  

You will also want to see how precise these cuts are. If you do not feel that the cuts are as good as they should be, move along. 


Horsepower is a vital element to consider when purchasing this saw. The best saw will contain a horsepower that will offer precise cut through the materials you need for your project.  

While getting an HP that is too low will not make that happen, if you purchase a saw too high of HP, you are looking at a table that is not stable. It leads to accidents and can make projects wildly inaccurate. 

An HP of 1.5 to 2 can cut through thick hardwood measuring 2 inches. Pick a denser wood, and the saw will require more torque. Amps pulled for this are between 18 to 24. This hybrid saw would run on a 120V circuit. 

An HP of 3 to 5 can cut through thick hardwood measuring 3 inches plus. This hybrid saw would run on a 240V circuit. Unfortunately, if you look at HP higher than this, you will find that the kickback increases.  

Flesh Sensor

It is huge in our book! To play it safe, pick a hybrid saw that contains this feature. These saws are pricier but well worth it. The blade can be stopped in .01 seconds if it detects coming in contact with flesh. Thus, the blade drops down under the table, and the unit is shut off.  

Left or Right Blade Tilt

It is essential to know if the saw is left tilt or right tilt. You can determine this by looking at the 90-degree tilt. Does it favor the left or the right side more?  

Left tilt blades are considered safer than right tilt.  


Hybrid table saws come in a large variety of sizes. They work well for small garages but are also perfect for professional use. 

Riving Knife

Kickback is something that you do not want to experience when operating any saw. Thus, it would help if you are looking for a quality hybrid containing a riving knife. While kickback may still happen, the chance is not as great when you look for a saw that includes a well made riving knife.  

Look at the riving knife before purchase. Does it have the same curve as the blade? It is crucial, as it makes sure that the position remains when the blade is lowered, raised, or rotated.

Fence Technology

Most hybrid saws on the market contain a T-square technology for the fence. A better hold will be provided on the wood you are guiding through the saw. 

Movement and shakes will be eliminated when the best fence is used.  

Dust Control

We don’t know about you, but we hate a messy cleanup. We always recommend a hybrid that has dust control. Determine if you want to use a vacuum in the back of the saw to collect the dust or you prefer to place a shroud over the blade.  

Durable and Study

When looking at a hybrid saw, be confident that the power tool is durable and sturdy. You are spending a good chunk of change on this device for your shop. Look for parts constructed from metal instead of plastic, as the metal will last a lot longer. We find cast iron to be the best.  

Also, consider what conditions you will be operating this in. Any high-quality hybrid should be able to withstand any condition. 

Best Hybrid Saws Under $1000

Many saws can be listed under the best hybrid saws under $1000. You do not have to spend huge bucks to get a saw that will cut accurately and precisely. Many woodworkers who are just starting out prefer to spend on the lesser side, but still want a high quality saw to complete their projects. You can find these within these price ranges. These saws will often have just as many features as the more expensive ones and work just as good for what beginners will be using them for. 

Hybrid Saw VS Other Saws

There are six other types of saws besides hybrids. 

  • A Jobsite table saw can provide a woodworker with the ability to do backbreaking work. 
  • These are often found doing the tough cutting job. Carpenters and contractors often use these on the Jobsite. 
  • Portable table saws can be moved from place to place very quickly. They contain a collapsable stand and will have a handle.
  • Professionals most often use contractor saws. They run on 1 to 2 HP with an induction motor.  
  • The benchtop table saws are small and will fit on a workbench; They have a universal motor and are the least expensive of all saws. 
  • Stationary table saws will remain stationary, hence their name. 
  • Cabinet saws are used by experts and are very large. They are very accurate and heavy, generally made with cast iron. They do have an enclosed base with an induction motor, running on 3 to 5 HP. 

Advantages to Using a Hybrid Table Saw

There are many outstanding advantages of using a hybrid saw. These include:

  • Many hybrid saws are very easy to assemble. 
  • The adjustment options on this saw are excellent. When you can easily adjust the saw, your work will significantly improve.  
  • Professional uses the hybrid saw over another type of saw. 
  • A hybrid saw is very stable.

Maintaining a Hybrid Saw

It is crucial to maintain your hybrid table saw to protect your investment.  

  1. The saw should be aligned by a professional at least once a month. 
  2. Keep a monthly maintenance schedule for your saw. 
  3. Lubrication should be applied to the gears, electric brakes, and screws before using every time. To avoid being greasy, do not use too much. 
  4. Replace parts as needed.  
  5. Inspect the entire saw regularly. 
  6. Keep the unit clean.

Tips on Using a Hybrid Saw

No matter what brand of hybrid saw you purchase, some tips can assist you in making sure that you have the best experience with your unit.  

  • Always be safe when using the saw. Ensure to have adequate ear protection, safety glasses, and a dust mask.
  • While some will say to wear gloves while operating a saw, do not, you will have a loss of tactic sense and may not be able to grip the best either. 
  • Keep your work area clean to minimize accidents. 
  • Be sure that all loose clothing is removed or tucked in.  
  • Wear shoes that contain a non-slip sole. 
  • Do not keep your body in line with the blade. It will keep you away from kickbacks and allow the dust not to get up in the face. 
  • If some position does not feel right, move your body to feel comfortable. 
  • Use a push stick on wood that measures 6 inches or less. 
  • Always make sure the tabletop is smooth and polished. 
  • Look for any nails, screws, or other things that may hide in the wood before cutting. 
  • Never use the fence and miter gauge together. 
  • Never, under any circumstance, reach over a moving blade. 
  • When changing a blade, disconnect the unit from the power supply first. 
  • Do not attempt to freehand a cut when using a hybrid table saw. 
  • Adjust the saw guard blade, riving knife, and anti-kickback pawls before turning the machine on. 

In Conclusion

We hope that our best hybrid table saw product reviews and buying guides will assist you in rightly deciding for your table saw needs.  

With our buyer’s guide, you can now determine the most critical factors to look at when buying a hybrid saw. The tips and maintenance sections are viable components of owning any saw and will come in handy when the saw is set up. 

Whether it be looking for a hybrid that contains cast iron trunnions or finding one with fantastic safety features, we know that you can find the right table saw based on the information we have provided. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Hybrid Table Saws

What are hybrid table saws?

A hybrid is a version of a table saw that holds a lot of power. Results needed for your job will be very efficient and effective. 

These saws are very durable and have many great features on them. 

Are you able to use an extension cord with a hybrid table saw?

Yes, there is not any harm in using an extension cord with the hybrid table saw. 

However, you will want to make sure that the cord is in perfect condition. It should have enough amps to handle your hybrid. 

Can you use dado blades with a hybrid saw?

It depends on the kind of hybrid you are using. You will need to check the owner’s guide to make sure. 

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