Rikon 10-305 Review

Rikon 10-305 Review – How Good this Bandsaw is?

I used an old fashioned Craftsman bandsaw for decades. And decided to try out something new, innovative, and not as slack as Craftsman.

Rikon 10-305 Review

Rikon is a popular name in the power tool industry. It has dozens of models of the bandsaw. After a bit of research, I decided to buy Rikon 10-inch bandsaw from Amazon.com.

I was looking for a semi-professional bandsaw to use at my small home shop.

This popular model convinced me of its sheer quality, solid structure, and performance.

Let’s scroll down a little bit to find Rikon 10-305 bandsaw review.

Who Should Use This Product?

The Rikon 10-305 has all the attributes and features which make it stand out from other bandsaws.

The low price with a rich set of practical functions makes it hard to ignore.

If you have a limited budget for under $300, this product is an excellent option to consider.

Rikon 10-305 is perfect for woodworkers or carpenters who need mid-range cutting capacity and power.

With the compact design, this bandsaw is the ideal choice for a small home shop.

It would be an excellent addition for a novice or semi-professional to make maze-like cuts in timber or plastic.

With all-around capability, The Rikon 10-305 bandsaw can do woodworking jobs more precisely.

Whether you are using it for smooth straight or curved cuts on different wood sizes, it can go all around.

What You Should Know

Technical Feature


Though the bandsaw is not the paramount one, it can still cut various types of materials. From ultra-dense to light-density, it has enough power to cut many materials.

However, you will not get a smooth and professional cut on thick metal.


The entire frame of this model is constructed with steel, which can last for a long time. Its solid construction ensures high durability. Besides, you will get the utmost stability with its steel made base.

You can comfortably work in a broader surface area because the base is 21 inches long.

Most important, the sturdy steel creation generates fewer vibrations to work flawlessly. It assists you in doing your job with accuracy.


The table is leaden and solid. To fit in with various materials, this model has an equitably bountiful table at 13-3/4 x 12-1/2 inches. You will still have plenty of space to do your wood job with laudable portability.

While cutting stock, you will get low resistance even on high-density material.

What makes it more convenient is its gliding down capacity from left to right or left to right.

However, it would be more comfortable to work if the mounting system on the back is a little bit sturdier built.


As the model comes with a metal rip fence, it can accommodate you to get more accuracy while cutting stock straightly. It is a kind of generic Snap-on fence. So like a typical bandsaw, you won’t struggle to make a professional line precisely.

Adjustable Guide Post

The guidepost is an excellent addition because it has high flexibility to adjust the handle. When you work on materials of different thicknesses, you will get precise outcomes. Plus, it has a unique feature to lock the movement once you adjust the height.

Paddle Switch

It comes with a safety paddle switch to prevent ruining your job at the starting grid. This marvelous feature aids you to lock the blade automatically when you press the button.

Dust Port

With a dust port, you can keep your work spot free from dust. Besides, 2.5 inches dust port is an ideal size to match the Rikon bandsaw’s cutting capacity.

My First Impressions

The first thing which amazed me the most is its affordable price. While other identical products are relatively high in price, Rikon 10-305 will cost you less without compromising the quality.

Another thing which also amazed me is its sleek, practical design. I didn’t face any difficulty installing the bandsaw as the setup was straightforward. I followed the Snodgrass method for adjustment so ​I can get the best results.

When I used it first, I felt a little bit of vibration than expected. But once I followed the instruction manual, I overcame all the issues without any hassle.

The Use Phase

After using this small workhorse for a couple of months, it will improve your creativity.

Whether you are doing detailed craftwork or dense cutting, you can adjust the blade at ½” or ⅛” based on your requirements.

Here I am sharing few tips which may improve your woodcutting experience.

1. Whenever you feel excessive vibration, please check every motor bolts properly. If you notice loose, tighten them to stop shaking.

2. It is better to keep the locking lever in mid-range adjustment after dealing with the small fence since the parallel setting may not work when you make it too much tight.

3. Do not use too dense materials in this workhouse. You may damage the mechanism and the cutting capacity of it.

4. Make sure to tighten the lever and press onto the rail to ensure your fence is parallel to the blade.


I looked over many Rikon 10-305 bandsaw reviews on online before purchasing it. Even though Rikon 10-305 got a few negative feedback, I found many constructive assessments from expert woodworkers.

After using this bandsaw for several months, my woodcutting skills improved significantly. Before using the bandsaw, I often struggled to get compactness on my project. Plus, I had not received as much accuracy as I am receiving now. As Rikon 10-305 vibrates less, I can concrete on work more than before.


1. The workhouse is made of superior quality and has well-build construction to ensure high durability.

2. It has a relatively large table to cut sizable materials.

3. It has high flexibility and freedom to adjust the blade.

4. You can cut various materials effortlessly with its acceptable blade speed.


1. The bandsaw doesn’t come with any work light.

2. It is not much useful for re-sawing over two inches in hardwoods.

Final Thought

Whether you are a semi-professional or highly skilled woodworker, the Rikon 10-305 is a practical choice to do your job competently.

Premium quality, functional design, modest power, supreme flexibility, and durability make it extraordinary.

I will give 4.5 out of 5 ratings for Rikon 10-305. Because it hardly disappointed me. I hope the review on Rikon 10-305 bandsaw will take away your confusion about the product.

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